7 Reasons Why A VoIP Phone System From Carolina Digital Phone is EXTREMELY RELIABLE

Nicky Smith
4 min readFeb 5, 2022


At Carolina Digital Phone, we have been installing and supporting VoIP phone systems for more than two decades. And while our customers come from a variety of industries and sectors, they all ask the same key question: is a VoIP phone system reliable?

The answer to this relevant and essential question is an unqualified YES. After all, you do not survive for two decades — and earn hundreds of 5-star reviews — if you sell an inferior product. Eventually, the truth comes out and there is nowhere to hide.

Of course, we do not expect our customers to accept that our VoIP phone system is EXTREMELY RELIABLE simply because we say so. We are eager to back up this claim with verifiable facts:

1. Reliable VoIP: We’ve Over-Engineered

We have ALWAYS “over-engineered” for high traffic demands, which is why our customers consistently get flawless, clear audio — even during peak demand periods. In fact, many of our customers say that the audio quality of our VoIP phone system is noticeably better than a landline phone system. Why is this the case? Many landline phone systems are fed by buried copper wiring that was laid 40+ years ago. Over time, due to moisture and cold these wires have degraded considerably (this is why many companies with landline phone systems hear annoying static and experience dropped calls during/after storms). However, there is absolutely no financial incentive for phone carriers to dig them up and replace them, and so they just get worse and worse. In fact, copper wire networks are soon to be a thing of the past.

2. 99% Uptime Pledge

We pledge a guaranteed 99.99% uptime standard, which is supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes three 1GB fiber synchronous connections with full Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing. We also have THREE carrier-class data centers located in downtown Greensboro, NC; Research Triangle Park, NC; and the Equinix Data Center in Dallas, Texas.

3. Reliable VoIP: Cloud Infrastructure

We utilize a geographic cloud infrastructure, which automatically reroutes traffic in the event of a local power outage. In this respect, it is FAR MORE RELIABLE than a conventional landline system. For example, during a blackout companies with a landline phone system will not get a dial tone. But our customers will be able to access the VoIP phone system on their smartphones until power is restored. They can also access the system using desk phones (a.k.a. IP phones). This works so long as they have a backup battery supply to power the phone.

4. We Keep It Local

We do not, and never will outsource our customer service! When our customers face a challenge or need advice, they can count on speaking to LOCAL EXPERTS who WORK FOR US — not for some third-party provider. And if our customers require or desire on-site support, we will be there to get the job done in a professional and courteous manner. Ensuring reliability means being there for our customers when they need us most.

5. Phone System Specialists

Carolina Digital Phone is not a retail or repair company that “dabbles in phone systems.”. We are specialists who are recognized and respected leaders in the telecommunications field. We take ownership of our customers’ issues and do not stop working until they are resolved. Our total commitment to reliability sets us — and our customers — apart.

6. We’re Relationship Focused

We work closely with our customers to help them establish the infrastructure they need to support reliable VoIP service. As part of this commitment, and at the request of our customers, we will reach out to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ensure that performance/bandwidth commitments are being met. Sometimes, ISPs promise one thing — but deliver another. We put an end to this practice by either forcing ISPs to do better or by giving our customers the statistics and support they need to switch to a superior ISP.

7. We’re Always Upgrading

We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure, which makes our already-reliable VoIP phone system even more dependable. And how much do our customers pay for this ongoing innovation and enhancement? Absolutely nothing! It is part of our unwavering commitment to reliability and performance.

The Bottom Line On Our Reliable VoIP Phone Systems

When it comes to phone systems the word “reliable” gets thrown around a lot. But for organizations like hospitals, schools, and businesses that face relentless competition, having a reliable phone system is not a nice-to-have option. It is a must-have requirement. Our VoIP phone system is EXTREMELY RELIABLE because that is what our customers demand and deserve!

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