7 Ways That Business VoIP Revolutionizes Hybrid Work

Nicky Smith
3 min readOct 22, 2022


Prior to 2020, hybrid work was relatively uncommon. In actuality, most employees had never experienced this way of working — or even dreamed that it was possible. But now, hybrid work has gone from the sidelines to the mainstream. A whopping 83% of employees prefer hybrid work over entirely in-office or remote work. And 74% of businesses that have not already implemented a hybrid working model plan on doing so in the near future.

As a result of this shift, businesses need to re-examine their telecommunications infrastructure and identify tools that drive — rather than block — hybrid work. And topping the list of must-have tools is business VoIP.

Here are 7 ways that business VoIP revolutionizes hybrid work:

  1. Hybrid employees do not have to install a separate business phone line for their home office. Instead, they can easily connect to the VoIP phone system using a smartphone app, a softphone (headset), and/or a digital phone.
  2. When making outgoing calls using a smartphone, the business name/number appears on the recipient’s Caller ID — even if a hybrid employee is using their personally-owned device! This presents a more polished and professional image and is important (and in some cases required) for security and privacy.
  3. Regardless of what device they use, hybrid employees retain their unique user profiles. They can instantly access their contact list, call history, call answering rules (and more). They experience no differences, no matter what device they are using.
  4. Many workplaces that deploy a hybrid work model also have “hot desking,” which allows employees to work in various vs. assigned locations (think of it like a hotel business center). A business VoIP phone system is ideal for this configuration. When they’re in the office, hybrid employees can simply: plug in their digital phone wherever they’re working, log into a desktop/laptop and use their headset (softphone), or use their smartphone.
  5. When it comes to accessing advanced calling features, hybrid employees won’t be “second-class citizens”. Especially when compared to their colleagues who work 100% in the office. They can easily access a wide range of enhanced calling features, including Auto Attendant, voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and more. They can also access Unified Calling (UC) features such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and presence.
  6. Hybrid employees don’t fall off the map if their local power goes out — which is an increasing problem due to the country’s aging power grid. Instead, they can start (or continue) using their battery-powered smartphone until power is restored.
  7. With a conventional landline business phone system, giving new hires their own phone number/extension may not be possible if the on-site PBX system has reached full capacity. And even when it is possible, the change is costly. A business VoIP phone system eliminates this barrier. Giving new hires — including part-time, seasonal, and temporary workers — their own unique phone number/extension is fast, easy, and very affordable.

The Bottom Line

After an extraordinarily difficult couple of years, some semblance of familiarity has returned to the work landscape. But other aspects have permanently changed. Hybrid work, which was until 2020 viewed by most businesses as somewhere between a novel and a non-starter, is now a preferred option. And as mentioned earlier, most employees don’t just like hybrid work: they love it! In fact, 50% of hybrid workers have said they would sooner quit than return to the office full-time. A business VoIP system is the telecommunication engine that drives hybrid working. It helps make it a win for businesses and employees alike!

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