A Special Holiday Message from Nicky Smith, President of Carolina Digital Phone

  • Woke up in the morning, and the first thought in your mind was “wow, it’s great to be alive!” — and not “oh no, I wonder what scary emails and texts are waiting for me.”
  • Went to bed at night full of gratitude for the opportunity you had that day to make a positive difference?
  • Took a moment to experience and appreciate nature — by going for a stroll or even just looking out the window (which is not a bad idea because it was pretty cold around here the last few days!).
  • Told the most important people in your life that you love and care for them?
  • Forgave those who wronged you in the past — if not directly (which is not always possible), then in your heart. Remember: when we hold onto grudges, our hands are not free to catch blessings!
  • Did something simple and nice for a total stranger — like buying them a coffee, or offering to return their shopping cart for them. You’d be amazed at what these little gestures can do for the soul and spirit.
  • Said a genuine “thank you” to a frontline service worker, such as the cashier in a store or the waitress in a restaurant, or the person taking your order at your favorite fast-food restaurant. And guess what? Saying thank you from the bottom of your heart is FREE.



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Nicky Smith

Nicky Smith

Carolina Digital Phone is a cloud-based business phone system that saves you money while increasing productivity and mobility.